Site Visit Checklist

Ask the center to provide you with any written documentation such as brochures, calendars and menus.

Questions to ask when visiting a center:

  • How many years has the center been in operation?
  • Does the center have a license, certification and/or accreditation?
  • What are the hours of operation?
  • Are transportation services offered?
  • What is the cost?
  • Hourly or daily charge, other charges?
  • What type of payments¬†are accepted?
  • Is financial assistance available?
  • Is specialized care provided for conditions such as memory loss or TBI?
  • What is the staff/ participant ratio?
  • What kind of training does staff receive?
  • Do participants have access to services such as physical or occupational therapy?
  • What type of activities are provided?
  • Are meals and/or snacks provided? Dietary assistance?

Site Visit Checklist:

Yes / No Did you feel welcome?

Yes / No Were the center services and activities properly explained?

Yes / No Were you given information regarding staffing, programming, and costs?

Yes / No Is the facility clean, pleasant and free of odor?

Yes / No Is the building and site wheelchair accessible?

Yes / No Is the furniture sturdy and comfortable?

Yes / No Are there loungers and chairs with arms for relaxation if appropriate?

Yes / No Is there a quiet place in the center?

Yes / No Did the staff and participants seem cheerful and comfortable?

Yes / No Are participants involved in planning activities?